5 Things Every Foster Child'S Room Needs

Preparing a home for a new foster child can be a challenge. While every home is a little different, families typically spend several hours customizing their new child’s room ahead of arrival. Before replacing all of the furniture or making drastic changes, use this guide to learn what areas need the most attention.

Storage Space

While foster children typically don’t arrive with a lot of things, their bedroom will quickly get filled up with belongings. Without adequate storage, the room will quickly become disorganized and difficult to maintain. Try investing in dual-purpose furniture, such as beds with built-in storage drawers. Organizing the closet can also be a great way to ensure everything is put away neatly. Don’t be afraid to show the child how everything is organized and help them develop a system for the room.


Bedrooms shouldn’t be boring. They should be a customized space where the child can feel relaxed. There should be some source of entertainment in the room that the child can use freely. Some examples include television sets with age-appropriate movies, toy chests, reading nooks, or art supplies. Ask the child what kinds of things they like to do for fun and really try to tailor the space towards their personality.


Having an age-appropriate bed is a requirement of any foster care program. However, this goes beyond simply selecting the right size bed. Children need to feel comfortable in their new room. In addition to making sure the mattress is in good condition, foster parents will also need to purchase new bedding, a mattress cover, and plenty of pillows. One way to make the child feel more welcome is to have them pick out the style of the bedding set.


Children of all ages need to study. Having a desk gives children a dedicated workspace. While they don’t teach it in foster parent training, adding a desk can be a great check out this site way to encourage children to get more involved with their studies. Add shelves and room for plenty of books to show the child that they will always have the workspace they need.

Proper Lighting

The lights are one of the first things people notice about a room. While children can get by with a burnt out bulb, have a peek at this site it is a wise idea to replace it before the child’s arrival. Bright lights can make a room feel more welcoming and uplifting. In addition, being able to control the lighting can help the child feel more relaxed. They may even feel like they are in control of their space, allowing them to make themselves at home a little faster.

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